Tiger’s Back on Top!

After the embarrassment of the long list of Tiger’s unfaithful trists became public fodder for jeers and jokes, Tiger’s game suffered. A long two year decline where a lost of mojo was obvious. Some thought he was done - never to be the master of the game again.

But those who gave up on Tiger were wrong. Turning things around late last year, Tiger has wone 3 PGA tour events in 2013 and is now back on top. Some are crediting Sean Foley for the return. But I have another theory. Clearly Tiger plays well when he’s got the love of a very beautiful, very blonde, good woman. Yes, I’m suggesting that now that Tiger has Lindsay Vonn in his life, her influence has provided that little ’something extra’ that his game needed.

lindsay-elinBTW, is it me or does anyone else think that Lindsay looks amazingly like Elin? OK not like twins but cousins? Just sayin’

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